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"Ravi Sir's class immensely helped me to clear the CIMA SCS exam. In case of doubts on any topics, Sir was always available to help me out. Sessions on discussion of previous years' questions and answers specifically helped me boost my confidence to approach this exam. Thank you Sir for your help and support."

Anu Vidya Chartered Accountant, ACMA (UK), CGMA (US) (Senior Analyst - FP&A, Lennox India Technology Centre Pvt Ltd.)

"If you're ambitious in pursuing an international course, then you're in the right place with the right teacher, who teaches with all patience and won't hesitate to answer to all your doubts and questions. I've been taking CIMA coaching with the institution and its my personal opinion that no body really teaches the course this well. with years of industrial experience as a cost accountant and as a CIMA qualified professional the teaching and learning is taken to next level."

Roopavani S, CIMA Student

"Ravishankar Sir is an excellent trainer for CIMA. I have been able to gain more confidence in the subject with his classes. He explains the very basics of concepts with no hesitation. He motivates us and prepares us well to face exams with ease. I strongly recommend Ravishankar sir's training to anyone who is looking to pursue global accounting qualifications - CIMA & ACCA."

G. Sucharita, CIMA & ACCA student

"SSB Global Academy is an EXCELLENT PLACE to pursue CIMA. If you are very much interested in taking guidance contact Ravi shankar sir directly. He s the one who teach very differently with examples, the one who has high level of patience and tolerance and he is the one who never fails to clear even our silly doubts.Thank you so much for your guidance sir. My confidence level has been increased significantly."

Usha Jayasudha T, CIMA Student

"I took up CIMA Operational Level Case Study Exam coaching with Ravishankar sir for few months. His professional experience, subject knowledge & his continuous support helped me to write and clear my exam. He is approachable. His valuable inputs to focus on important chapters were very useful for my success in the exam."

Aishwarya T, CIMA Student

"SSB Global Academy is an Excellent study center to prepare for internationally renowned qualifications like CIMA, ACCA under the guidance of Ravishankar Sir."

Vikram Nagarajan, CIMA Student

"Mr. Ravishankar has been a very good find for me in my CIMA journey. I am based in London and attend his sessions through Skype. His coaching style is detailed, structured and through but yet flexible. He uses real life examples in explaining the concepts and covers exam perspective very well. Whilst his coaching style is his strength, it is important to mention his ability to go the extra mile by considering my career and my strengths and providing suggestions to get me through my CIMA. I will strongly recommend him as an ACCA or a CIMA tutor and wish him the very best to SSB Global Academy."

Karthik Nagaraj, CIMA Student

"I had a great experience learning from Ravi Shankar Sir for CIMA course. He really encourages students and is very approachable.He constantly motivates to understand the concept and makes our foundation in professional courses very strong."

Shambhavi Sriramkumar, CIMA Student

"SSB Global Academy is the best place to study for International educations and I personally recommend Ravishankar sir, with whose educational expertise and knowledge I was able to clear the Management level course of CIMA. He explains the concept right from the root level for better understanding. He takes through each chapter with appropriate practical real life examples which makes it easier for us to relate and understand the concepts.. I take this opportunity to thank him once again."

Karthick Seetharaman, CIMA Student

"SSB Global Academy is the Best tution provider in Chennai for Courses like CIMA,ACCA.The faculty has a lot of Industry experience, which is required to teach CIMA and ACCA.You can reach him on any day for clearing doubts."

Pradeep Kumar, CIMA Student

"SSB Global Academy is a very comfortable, good place to learn CIMA. Ravishankar sir, with his years of experience makes our basics strong so that we can build on it easily. He answers all our questions and clears all the doubts without any hesitation."

Latha Velmurugan RV, CIMA

"Sir is a very sincere and dedicated teacher. His teaching and methods he uses for making us learn the concepts are very useful in the ACCA exams. His expertise and experience is very valuable for us ACCA students. Blessed to have a teacher and Career guide like him."

Sahaj Singh Sethi, ACCA Student

"It was a good experience and knowledge gain studying CIMA from Ravishankar sir. His work experience and knowledge on the subject is tremendous and appreciated. Very supportive and clarify the doubts in a most understanding way.. I would definitely recommend studying CIMA from this institution. I was able to clear CIMA management case study with assistance from Ravishankar sir. Good luck and keep the good work."

Pradeesh V CIMA Student

"SSB Global Academy is the best place for pursuing International courses like ACCA. Ravishankar Sir explains the concepts which are very easy to understand by giving practical examples. He is very helpful & so cool."

Goutham Raju, ACCA Student

"SSB Global Academy is the best place for pursuing Global Accounting courses like ACCA. Ravishankar Sir's teaching is very clear and understandable . He uses practical examples so that we can clearly understand the concepts."

Sreeram Prasad, ACCA Student

"Ravishankar Sir gave me tremendous support for passing the SCS November 2019 exam. As I am Professor I could not attend his classes regularly. I had my teaching schedule. But he always kept in touch and gave me tremendous encouragement and inputs for the exam. He is a great teacher."

Ramesh Subramanian - Professor

"CIMA-UK - It was my ambition to do this course when i register CMA-India. I would say that CIMA-UK provides exactly what you want or what you need to work along with any kind of business. It typically test our four types of skills in an applied manner not as just memorize things and put it into the paper. I applied through gateway and took SCS exam directly on Aug 2018 with the help of Ravishankar sir. He really helped me to understand concepts clearly in a practical manner of E3,P3 & F3 and we go through lot of previous years case studies to get the clear idea about the SCS exam. I am so happy to share this that i cleared in First attempt. All credits go to you sir ;). Thanks a lot for your great support till the last minute of the exam."


"Success comes by taking right decisions and I took the right decision of joining Ravi Shankar’s classes at SSB Global for Strategic level. The classes were very well planned, exhaustive and interactive. Apart from covering CIMA study materials for E3, P3 and F3, Ravi Sir shared his knowledge and experience in understanding the concepts better with context and facilitated discussions to share our views and experience. Key aspect was the sessions on understanding the pre-seen, analysing scenarios and issues and applying the concepts we learnt to address them."
I would like to appreciate and thank Ravi Sir for giving me this enriching learning experience and guidance throughout which were the main contributors to my success in clearing CIMA.

Anand Ramaswamy ACMA(India), ACMA(UK), CGMA Assistant Vice President, HSBC Electronic Data Processing India Pvt. Ltd. Chennai

"I joined CIMA SCS nearly after ten years of gap from the academics and I never thought the journey will be such an exciting one when I met Ravi Shankar sir. He boosted my confidence and guided with powerful illustrations which helped to prepare for the Case study exam. Mr. Ravi Shankar sir has been simply amazing and always approachable. This is the first time I appeared for Case study exam in my entire academics and it is still unbelievable when I cleared the exam in first attempt. Thanks a lot Ravi Shankar sir, you are the architect of my success in CIMA."

Sivakumar ACMA(India), ACMA(UK), CGMA (Senior Manager - FP&A, Philips Global Business Services.)

"CIMA was my ambition from many years however I was not interested to study again for long hours and write exams and hence I had dropped that idea. However, I once received a message from Ravishankar Sir about the exemptions available for CMA members, which again excited me about CIMA. I immediately attended CIMA classes for sir. Even though it is case study exam, I was given through lessons on E3, F3 and P3 subjects to make my basics strong. Then we have gone through many previous papers understood how to approach the exam and construct answers and I could easily clear my exams."

Phani Raghavendra ACMA(India), ACMA(UK), CGMA (Manager, Supply Chain Finance, Colgate Global Business Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.)

"I took Ravishankar Sir class for Strategic Case Study through direct method. Good teacher explains the concept so well so that you will never forget them. He explains the concept with practical examples and again with the past questions papers so that it was easy for me to apply during the exam. His style of teaching by repeating it 2-3 times makes learning too easy and I felt that the concepts are imbibed thoroughly in my mind.

Professional course is not a cakewalk and CIMA Strategic Case study is a different ball game altogether. You need to have thorough understanding of the subject and Ravishankar sir know each and every concept very well and good in explaining them. Also because of his own practical experience he is able to bring the kind of doubts what will be in our mind but we do not ask him. He is also easily approachable and more helpful to our needs."

J Ravindran ACMA(India), ACMA(UK), CGMA (Vice President Finance, Rotork Controls India Pvt Ltd, Chennai.)

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